“Thank you very much for everything! You were very supportive as I embarked on renovating my kitchen with only the vaguest of plans. When your initial work revealed some pre-existing structural flaws, you effectively brought forth several solutions. I appreciate that you demonstrated your integrity by being cost effective without compromising quality.

You exemplified quality craftsmanship through your vast knowledge and attention to detail. The high level of problem-solving skills that you possess allowed you to skip unnecessary steps, reducing my final cost but still building on my original vision.

Thank you again for taking my vaguest of plans and transforming them into a truly lovely kitchen area.”


“The construction project we experienced with Jon was beyond our expectations, especially since Jon had to ‘pick up the pieces’ from a prior general contractor. He was able to complete our major renovations in a timely and cost effective manner while conducting himself with the utmost professionalism. His characteristics showed through in a very difficult situation for which he was hired.

Jon was hired after he produced a thorough and detailed proposal that I could use for both our purposes as well as for litigation. This was necessary because our first contractor abandoned our renovations and left several code discrepancies that needed to be corrected. He and his subcontractors, whom carried similar qualities as Jon, were able to handle an extremely frustrating experience for us by remedying the discrepancies and completing our major renovations by a mutually agreed upon date.

I would strongly recommend Jon to anyone who is considering any phase of residential construction if you are interested in a contractor who calls you back, cares about your concerns, maintains a clean worksite, and doesn’t allow inappropriate language on the site. These qualities were evident all while operating within the budget and on a timeline.

Thanks, Jon, for all your hard work. We are very pleased and proud to be able to share our home, for which you helped us make, with our family and friends.”


Thanks so much to you and your team for doing such a great job on our renovation and barn project!

This project was big for us and we knew there were going to be multiple subcontractors involved. We were looking for a general contractor who could not only do their own work well, but also represent our needs in coordinating the work of all the subcontractors. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner over the past year. You were with us every step of the way; keeping us informed at every turn, staying flexible along the way, and making sure we had all the information we needed to make decisions and effectively managing the schedule and costs throughout the entire project.

Now that the project is done, the quality of the workmanship really comes through. We can’t tell you how thrilled we are with everything; you helped us transform our 15-year-old house into a new home.”

–Nancy & Charlie

We are so happy with our house!!! I can’t even begin to describe what an absolute treat it was to work with you and your crew. The demo was done in a manner of days. And from that point forward you orchestrated the entire project with the skill of a conductor bringing together the talents of many, for a unified vision, and leading not just a symphony but an entire concert. We were so struck by how superbly timed every step of the project was. You were always a few steps ahead, thinking about the next phase of work, and the decisions and details that the next step would involve. I love that you were able to listen to what we really wanted, present options that were in line with our goals and taste, and then work toward creating exactly what we wanted. There were times when I wanted your opinion and you would evenly provide some guidance, but were still absolutely willing to remain observant and let us figure out a decision and then go with what we decided. We very much value that you insisted on absolute competence, and every single person coming into our house earned our respect and confidence. You seem to have a special talent for tile and stone, and every time I look at our fireplace or master bath shower, I am in awe of how gorgeous we find the end results.

Thank you also for the simple things, like answering your phone, answering your email, and being available by text. We used all of these methods to communicate with you, and I don’t think I ever, not even once, got your voicemail. You answer your phone, you respond to email, and you are there (even on weekends, or evenings when questions came up regarding the minute details of the project). We have worked with other contractors who did not respond to messages or would leave for several days and not finish a job, and this was the absolute opposite of the kind of work ethic you possess. What a breath of fresh air you are. You told us we would be back in our house the very month that we were indeed back in our house. This mattered a lot to us, having a child in school, and working with insurance after our fire.

Looking back, after the trauma of a fire, I truly feel the fire was a blessing. We were given an opportunity to re-build our house and our lives afterward. You were a major player in that process, and with you, we had the unique experience of deciding what to make even better and improving upon a house we already loved and partly lost. There is nothing I would change going backward. You made our hopes a reality. You helped us come from a raw numb hurt place to one of absolute joy. I walk into my house and feel so happy. There is no smell of smoke, there is no hint of loss, there is only beauty and quality craftsmanship everywhere we look. All I can say is THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts. We LOVE YOU!!”

– Rebecca & Dave

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